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Firearms and your Digital Footprint

Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, the list of ways to share your thoughts and ideas with the world is virtually endless. But do you take the time to consider your digital footprint? What kind of an impression will you leave on the internet for others to find?

In todays age of the internet it's easy to forget just how many people you can reach if you really want to. The real challenge is ensuring you don't leave the wrong impression of yourself, one that doesn't reflect who you really are, what you represent, the kind of person you want the world to see.

It's all too easy to take a snapshot of your life and have it taken out of context on the web. It just takes one moment, one misinterpretation to offer an image of you that isn't who you are, or doesn't represent what you believe.

Nothing could be more true than having an image of you with a firearm taken out of context.

Posting a picture of you at the range with friends, or participating at an organized shooting sports event can all be fine and innocent. But placing any image on the internet of you with a firearm has to well thought out. One misinterpreted photo could lead to a world of trouble, maybe even a knock at the door from the police. Don't take any chances or make any foolish mistakes you may regret. Think before you post a photo of yourself with ANY firearms, and ask yourself these 3 important questions:

1. Could this picture be taken out of context?

2. Does the picture present me using firearms in a safe and lawful manner?

3. Do I really need to post this picture?

Think before you post. Like the fourth Universal Firearms Rule "Be sure of your target and its surroundings...". So before you put anything on the internet, think, and if you're not sure then simply don't post anything.

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