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EDC: Everyday carry. What's in your pocket?

Keys, wallet, cell phone; just a few of the "everyday carry" items, or EDC, that we all have on us at any given time. But have you thought about the what if scenarios that could potentially happen while you're out? No, I'm not talking about the zombie apocalypse, just everyday things that really do, or could happen.

Say there's power outage while you're at the movies; there's an earthquake and the building you're in has shaken; a major accident has blocked the only way home and you're stuck. Stranger things have, and do happen with a lot more frequency than most people imagine and being a little better prepared can be the key to getting out of that situation.

Lets start with the three things we listed that most people carry with them: keys, wallet, and cell phone. Learning how to make these items serve a double purpose can make all the difference.

Keys: consider adding a small multi tool to your keychain. A small knife, screw driver and pliers can make the difference between getting out of a small problem that would be a lot bigger without any tools around.

Wallet: tuck away some extra money you would only use in an emergency. Remember when there is power outage ATMs, Interac, none of it will work. As the old saying goes, cash is king.

Cell phone: your cellphone can do a lot more than email, call and text. Get familiar with all its functions and maybe download some useful apps. Flashlight, compass, voice recorder, these are just a few of the items probably already on your phone that you might need in an emergency and could prove vital in an emergent situation. Carry a small battery charger with you, if you're away longer than expected be ready to re-charge. Lastly, put your phone in a protective case. If it's out of service, you might be too.

Stay safe

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