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Firearms: Laws vs Rights

Depending on your social circles, the conversation around gun laws is always a confusing, and sometimes controversial one.

Here are a few basics about gun laws in Canada and the United states.

In Canada:

-Canadians have no gun rights per say. Canadian firearms ownership is governed by the Firearms Act.

This statute law lays out the legal framework for owning a firearm in Canada. Licensing, permits, and storage are a few of the areas that are covered here.

-In Canada you must be licensed to own a firearm, it's called a Possession and Acquisition License. You may only obtain this license if you have taken and successfully passed the Canadian Firearms Safety Course. In laymans terms, think of it like the Motor Vehicle Act. The laws of owning and operating a vehicle are set out here, no different for firearms.

In the United States of America:

-Americans have a constitutional right to bear arms, meaning that their right to own a firearm is enshrined in their constitution. The second amendment protects this right. To put this in context, the first amendment protects freedom of religion.

-Gun laws are generally enacted state-by-state, that is why you will find great differences in firearms ownership throughout the united states. What is legal in one state, may not be in another.

It's up to you to know and understand the laws of the land you are in.

If you're in Canada and are interested in getting your firearms license, then Call 2 Arms is ready to help. We offer the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and can help you to become a legal, safe and knowledgeable firearms owner here in Canada.

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