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                              Call 2 Arms Testimonials

At Call 2 Arms we strive to provide you with the best possible learning experience. From the classroom to the range, your success is our success. But don't just take our word for it, see what some of our clients have to say:


My experience with Call to Arms training was fantastic. The instruction was clear, concise, professional and fun and left me with a real sense of confidence..."



" C2A provided a fun, safe and professional setting - from first time shooters to experienced firearms owners, all aspects of the class and material were presented in a comfortable, straightforward manner. Safety was paramount, and the instructor was honest, extremely competent and capable of providing insightful instruction with the ability to identify problems and provide appropriate correction in a positive manner. Would recommend to any and all."



"...A must for families, especially with teenagers  who might have a chance to go hunting or target shooting.
Very knowledgeable instructor with emphasis on safety and hands on practice.



"I would recommend Call2 Arms to everybody wanting to learn about safe gun handling. Fast paced, hands on, presented in such a way as to feel confident about firearms...



" I love how you were very safety conscious but also provided practical advice and guidance regarding storage, transportation, and courtesy towards other hunters or range users.  It made it easy to see where we can go beyond minimum requirements easily and how to make good decisions going forward. It was nice being taught by someone so professional."



" We thought it was well paced and designed, and we felt a lot of confidence in you as an instructor and enjoyed your approach and sense of humour. We also liked the one-on-one training. I know that we both got a lot out of it, and are now eager to take the next step... 



" Thank you it was an awesome experience!!"



" Thank do a good job of keeping it interesting and entertaining. We all got a lot out of it."


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