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When I founded CALL 2 ARMS I saw a need for training provided by a professional. As someone who has worked professionally with firearms for over 15 years, I have experience and insights that can only be gained through my many years of dedicated service and training. 


Having learned from some of the best firearms instructors in the industry, let me share my knowledge and skills with you. I want to provide people with the highest quality training possible and strive to create a fun, safe environment that caters to your needs and learning level. Grow your strengths, learn new skills and have a blast doing it. 


Learning hands on from someone who has the real world firearms experience to back it up makes all the difference: 


- Previously served 16 years as a peace officer

- Served over 10 years as a certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor for active    

  duty members

- Certified Canadian Firearms Safety Course Instructor

- Competative shooter (International Defensive Pistol AssociationIDPA, World Police

  Fire Games)

- Hunter


Other training includes:

- Glock Pistol Instructors Course

- Safariland Advanced Pratical Handgun

- Warrant Execution Level II 

- Downed Officer/Citizen Rescue

- Active Lethal Force Assailant

- Glock Armor Course



Memberships have included:

- International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA)

- Instructors of Firearms Safety Association (IOFSA)

- National Firearms Association (NFA)

- British Columbia Wildlife Federation (BCWF)


I look forward to sharing the learning experience with you and helping you achieve your goals. 

Call 2 Arms

Canadian Firearms Safety Course, Firearms for Actors, Private Instruction

Train with a Professional

Canadian Firearms Safety Course, Firearms for Actors, Private Instruction
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